Now there is an easy and inexpensive way to repair chips in your Crystal and Glasses. Crystal repair do it yourself. Introducing the crystal saver.

This little diamond hand-held tool will glide those nasty chips away and make your crystal usable again.

Its a simple device that has a handle and comprises of fine Diamond particles that is smoothed over the chipped area to get rid of that jagged edge.

You will never need to throw away your crystal glass again.

You can use this tool over and over again because the diamonds are well coated and is shaped to tackle any size chip.

These little tools make great gifts! Keep one in your home or buy one for a special friend.

You can even go into business with this tool or help a neighbor who has chipped glassware and make a friend for life.

I am a retired Waterford Crystal Master Cutter, this product works and is

Highly Recommended!

To Order This Little Remarkable Tool

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Here is another tool that works great to remove chips from your crystal and china repair. Its a little more expensive but gets the job done
Repair Crystal and China

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